Tappat telefonen i vatten? Så här räddar du den!

Det fina med dagens telefoner är att de är något vattentäta, men tro inte ett ögonblick att det betyder att din telefon kommer att vara vattentät. Det finns vissa faktorer du måste tänka på innan du tar hänsyn till detta, inklusive hur länge har jag haft min enhet? Finns det några sprickor eller portar på utsidan som kan släppa in vätska? När du har alla svar och alla problem lösta kan du äntligen använda det till casino online snabba uttag .

So what should you do if the accident has happened and your phone has taken a bath in the sea or the toilet?

The most important thing is that you do not continue to use the phone, if it is still on, then turn it off. If you try to start it or use it normally, this can short out the whole device and damage it significantly more. 

Then make sure to wipe off as much water as you can, wipe the screen and charge the connector. Take and wipe clean the back and the frame around the phone. You can also shake the phone to make the water drain away from the inside of jacks and buttons. When you have wiped the phone clean, take out the SIM card and if the phone has a battery that you can remove yourself, make sure to disconnect it. iPhone and other similar phones are often assembled so that you cannot disconnect the battery without opening the phone, which can vary in difficulty.  

The mobile in the rice method

Something that has become synonymous with water-damaged devices today is that rice can cause the moisture to disappear, this is not scientifically proven but it certainly doesn’t hurt to test. Place the phone in a bowl or bag and cover generously with rice. Then you can leave it for 24-48 hours in the rice. When you remove the phone from the rice, make sure that no grains are stuck in the charging connector or the headphone connector.

The phone is alive!

If your phone starts up and seems to work as it should, we always recommend that you back up your phone as soon as possible. As the water may still have damaged your device and may cause major problems later on. 

Water and electronics have never mixed well and there are several ways you can prevent your phone from being damaged by moisture or water. One of the most common reasons why the phone gets water damaged is due to use near or around the toilet. It is easy for it to slip out of your hand and straight into the toilet. Or if you have the phone in your pocket and when you take off / put on your pants it jumps into the toilet. Other common reasons are of course that the phone is used when it’s raining or damp outside, you want to take pictures of lakes, seas and pools or that you accidentally knock over the coffee on the table over the phone.  

Is your phone still not working, or want to make sure there is no moisture left in it?

If the phone still does not work after you have tried our tips above, we strongly recommend that you come to us at Fix My Phone, we can then disassemble the entire device, dry out all components and disinfect them. This removes any moisture, water and deposits that may build up on the contacts and chip on the inside of the phone. If you have dropped your phone in water and it seems to be working, we can still recommend that you come to us so that we can disassemble the phone and prevent future damage.  

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